En İyi Cevap!

There was a rabbit imagining itself like a lion. One day this rabbit convened all rabbits in the vicinity on a high hill and said them that it would frighten wolf, jackal, fox in the case they would pass through the rough path in the downstairs. Rabbits listened to it with no movement. 

Ten minutes later, a wolf was passing through this path and it was suddenly surprised to see a rabbit shouting and running toward itself, and this circumstance caused it to frighten, and it urgently run away and disappeared

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tm  Gulliver is a young doctor. He is tall and slim. He likes the sea and ships very much. He wants to travel in a ship and see the ***** world. 
One day he goes to the harbour. He sees a beautiful big ship. She has big white sails. Gulliver goes to the ship. He speaks to the captain. Gulliver says "Sir, My name is Gulliver. I am a doctor. I want to work here. Do you need a doctor? The captain says "Yes, we do." Gulliver is very happy now. The ship leaves for the South Seas the next day. It is a long way from England.
The sailors work very hard but they are happy. The days are fine. The sun is shining. 
In the afternoon the captain says "Look at those clouds. The sky will become very dark soon. 
There will be a storm. A big storm. Be careful. Very careful." The wind blows very hard and it rains heavily. It is a terrible storm! The sea is too rough. There are big waves. The ship rocks and rolls. She is in danger. The sailors are afraid and they got sea sick!
There are hundreds of soldiers on his body. They are very small. They have swords and bows. There is a king. He is not on Gulliver. He is standing near his soldiers. The king asks "Who are you? Why are you here? Are you our enemy? Gulliver answers "My name is Gulliver. I had a sea accident. I am not your enemy. Where am I?" The king says "This is the island of Lilliput. 
I am the king of this country." Gulliver says to the king "Please, leave me free." 
The king says to his soldiers "Untie him!" The soldiers untie him. The king says to Gulliver "Come to the castle. I will give you some food." Gulliver says "Thank you. I am very hungry and thirsty." Gulliver sits outside the castle. He can not go into the castle. He is too big. 
He sees the princess. She is at the window. She says "Hello, I am the princess. I want to give you some food. Here is some fresh fruit. There are bananas, apples, grapes and peaches for you."
Gulliver says "Thank you very much. Can I have some drink, please?"
The princess says "Yes, of course, here is some lemonade. Where are you from?"
Gulliver says "I am from a big land. It is across the sea. It is very pretty. 
There are a lot of trees, rivers and beautiful flowers in my country." The princess asks "Are all the people giants in your country?" Gulliver says "Yes, they are."
Gulliver asks to the king "Can I visit your town?" The king says "Yes, but don't walk in the streets. Don't walk on the houses! Don't walk on the people. Don't kill or hurt them. Sit down outside the town!" A soldier shouts "Alarm, alarm." There are six ships in the port. They have skulls and cross bones on the flags. They are pirates." The king says "Oh dear, they are here for my treasure." Gulliver says "Don't worry. I will help you." Gulliver goes down to the port. The pirates sees Gulliver. They are terrified of him. they fire cannon balls! 
BOOM, BOOM! Gulliver catches them in his hands. 
He blows and blows the ships away He has a big victory. That evening there is a big party in Lilliput. Everybody is happy. They sing songs and dance. Gulliver is the star of the country. 
Everybody loves him very much. They give him presents.Gulliver likes Lilliput, its people and the king. They are very happy. But Gulliver is unhappy. He is homesick. He wants to go home. The princess asks her "You look very unhappy. Why? Don't you like us?" Gulliver says "I like you very much. But, I missed my family and my people. I want to go home back but, I haven't got a ship." The Lilliputian people work very hard. They work day and night. They cut big trees in the forest. They tie them together and they make big sails. Gulliver helps them. They make a boat for Gulliver.Gulliver likes the boat very much. He says "Thank you. I like you. I will never forget you." Goodbye. He gets in the boat and sails away. 

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