His name was F. Sultan Mehmet. He was born in 1432. He died in 1481. He was the Sultan of Ottoman Empire. arkadaslar cook acill bunun gibi bilindik ölen kişilerin tanıtımını istiyorum nolur bi bakınnnn hadi 3 tane mustafa kemal sabiha gökçen m akif ersoyu yaptım 3 tane daha lazım lütfen abuk subuk yazmayınn :S




Ali kuşçu who lived between 1403-1474, especially in mathematics, astronomy and language were renowned for their work in the field and the impact of this reputation has continued to the present day as a result of a great scientist. Real name is Ali Bin Muhammad Ali Kuşçu. Samarkand was born in Istanbul, astronomy and mathematics, is very keen birder kavuşmuştur.Ali away on her period, and this curiosity is one of the greatest scholars of the yapmıştır.Bu work attracted the attention of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror and his Istanbul contributed to this.

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