hi, my classmate :) what's up ? im very fine. how is your marks. 

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Dear Sally,
Hello. My name is Tom. I am thirteen years old and I am a student here in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. My parents and I live in a large bungalow by the sea. My Dad is a pilot. He takes tourists from Barbados to other islands in the Caribbean. My mother works part-time. She is a secretary. I play the trumpet in the brass band and I’m on the cricket team at my school. One day I want to play cricket for the West Indies.
Outside school, my hobbies are water-skiing and stamp collecting. I’ve got pen-pals in Florida and Scotland. They send me British and American stamps for my collection. I have a pet turtle. I like it a lot.
I will be very glad if you write me and tell about you and your country.
Good-bye for now





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