Hester Prynne has given birth to an illegitimate child and refused to say the name of the biological father. That means she had to be punished. She had to stand on a platform of the pillory for three hours and she had to wear, for the rest of her life, a scarlet letter A (for adultery) on her bosom as a mark of shame. Mr. Dimmesdale tried to force her to tell the name of the father, but she won’t. Only Mr. Dimmesdale and Hester knew that Mr. Dimmesdale the biological father was. In the public in front of the pillory stood her former husband. He wanted to know who the father is of the child, named Pearl. Hester refused to tell him, and therefore he asked her to keep his name secret too. He settled down in Boston under the name Roger Chillingworth. Hester lived with her child in a scaffold in a couple of minutes outside Boston, where she took care of ill people. Pearl was a child with a lot of energy. The distinguished men (Mr. Dimmesdale, Mr. Chillingworth and Mr. Wilson and Governor Bellingham) wanted to take Pearl away from her mother, but Mr. Dimmesdale prevented this. Mr. Dimmesdale felt guilty because of Hester’s scarlet letter and began to pray more ardently.
Roger Chillingworth was the only person who knew the motives of Mr. Dimmesdale. He had hypnotised Mr. Dimmesdale and so he found out why Mr. Dimmesdale had always his hand on his heart. He wore a scarlet letter too. Roger Chillingworth saw Hester, Pearl and Mr. Dimmesdale on a market-place. Hester begged him to leave Mr. Dimmesdale alone, but he won’t. Then she told Mr. Dimmesdale who Roger Chillingworth really was (he was her husband). Hester wanted to escape with Mr. Dimmesdale and her daughter to Europe (the Old World named). She arranged three places on a ship, but there they found out that Roger Chillingworth travelled on the same ship. Mr. Dimmesdale found out that he never could escape from Roger Chillingworth and that’s why he led Hester and Pearl to the pillory and prayed for the last time and showed his bosom to the public where the scarlet letter is. At that time Mr. Dimmesdale collapses and died. Chillingworth didn’t like he can’t took revenge at Mr. Dimmesdale and with this idea he died a year later. Pearl inherited everything of Chillingworth so that she and her mother could travel to the Old World. Hester returned after a couple of years and there she took care of the old people until she died.