Elephants have large ears.
Elephants have a very large body.
Elephants live in the land.
There are elephant trunk. / Elephants have trunk.
Elephants, four or five feet high, four or five tons weight.
Elephants live Africa, Asia and warm regions.
Elephants usually live for about fifty and Seventy years
There are white and gray elephants.
Elephants can not jump.
Elephant is a mammal animal
Elephants and trunks are very precious.




The bear is a mammal animal
Bears live about thirty five and fifty years
The bear's got a large body
bears are carnivorous
Bears has a short tail and thick pelt
Ayılar ağaca tırmanabilir
Bears can swim
Bears enjoy eating honey
Between one and two meters in length.
There are black bears and dun
bears hibernate .

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rabbit-it has long ears and ıt is pretty animal.  it will life 8-9 years.
papağan(neydi unuttum) ıt has wonderful colors and ıt ıs very noisy animal.