okuldan eve gittim biraz dinlendim ve uyudum . yarın sinamaya gittim. bu yüzden mısır yedim.

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Days before the semester holiday destination this year, if I said I was looking forward to my father all my friends in the class as we made our plan was so happy I was going skiing for the first time I was going, telling my friends always turn white in the snow, and how much distressed about how eğlendiklerini finally going to tell everyone how I'm going to go and having fun.

Finally the day came, and my grades were good, and tomorrow we have karnemizi going to get up early and went to bed early that night, my mother and my sister were going to make our preparations were anxious to go running around apparently what I needed üşürmüyüz standing near us, so I have to take what they've been asleep listening to the excitement.
I heard voices in the hall hurriedly jumped out of bed in the morning when I wake up late I got into the hall, saying herkeskalkmış my mother, my father and sat night amcamlar starting out early in the morning in Ankara had made us a surprise geçireceklerdi us 15 days holidays, full but we were on vacation (skiing yourselves) were going to say my mom jumped Prescription come help me out for breakfast together, he said let's do a holiday breakfast.

Holiday in the son of my uncle, my aunt, and my two years older than me by Emre Emre My grandparents were spent in the city is actually very sad, but the Aquarium is the first time I saw them way Lunapart took us to museums and historical places, and Emre went looking for books to obtain information about the impact on me: I ran with him to school çektirdiğimiz information be useful to tell my friends had been there both around the pictures.

Yes, it was not a vacation planned, but both my uncle, my father fell in with the information very useful both very fun emreyle next ski vacation, brimming yapmayada I was going to say the future of both Emreninde.

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