The protagonist is a medical student Victor Frankenstein; In order to put an end to human disease to rebuild, thus it seeks to achieve immortality. As a result of experiments discovered the secret of life and decides to use it by creating a superior human being. Several graves and bring together the collected body parts of the cellar. Because of the difficulty of dealing with complex parts of the human body with a width of 2.50 meters in length and proportionally he decides to create a superior human being. Calvinism, alchemy and the electrical power is actually using anonymous reader of his own name but is known as the Frankenstein monster created. But not satisfied with it and runs away. The creatures are known to create himself and does not know why people are scared and they fled from him. His father (Dr. Frankenstein) to find, like to ask him account. Heart compassionate, gentle temperament is isolated from society because although who evoke fears. After a while he began to follow a family Frankenstein, the members of the family sees and feels his love towards each other alone. Want a wife from his father; but Dr. Frankenstein care about his feelings. Loneliness increases, and input merciless revenge in a horrible way to create itself. Before Dr. Kill Frankenstein's youngest brother. Another brother, result in a lawsuit found guilty and executed. Dr. Frankenstein than when taking this remorse, the first night killed by the monster he married Elizabeth to Elizabeth. Pursuing it on to destroy the monster finally reached the North Pole. After telling of dead polar explorer Captain Robert Walton rescued and taken to his ship by .İyi weary of the story of Captain Victor. A few hours later, Captain Walton saw him cry over the body of the monster creator. Monsters that conscience tells him the life of hate to get rid of the pole itself in a remote corner of the burn someone else he would destroy the body there be more like a monster. Then review a floating piece of ice behind the horses and darkness fog disappears. It is not clear if the dead and dying.