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The bad guy in the game, the Jewish moneylender Shylock'tur. All vessels plying the high seas and short of cash Antonio, using the reputation of Venice, Portia friend to send her boyfriend a good time Bassanio'yu insults heaped on the Jewish moneylender Shylock'tan borrow three thousand ducats. In the case of Antonio's debt to Shylock could not pay, if there where in the body, a pound (about 450 g) as a condition to the end of the stock ekletir meat slit.
Over time, Antonio's ships, one by one, begin to reach battıkları news. Insolvent trader Noble and his hatred for Christians Antonio, Shylock's daughter escape the tension in the vomit. Venice, "I would like the right to, what you read senette want it!" shouting, vows swing begins.
During the trial, Shylock, dramatic structure, "disliked the man," but he was right, of course consumes the role of words can prove damaging. Shylock's greed blade tension after the hearing Grinded Antonio is a young lawyer defending himself gets rid of thanks to intelligence. If a lawyer, the court participating in disguise lover Bassanio and Portia is a young girl who inherits the owner. Senette written just meat, blood was not written to defend. So, Shylock, without drawing a single drop of blood is considered right by the Securities should be meat. If the blood is flowing in the blood of a Christian is to be poured for the confiscation of the property of all goods and Shylock, the law is the case.
As a result, Shylock, promissory notes based on the right to give up. But this time it is placed in a Christian hell indirectly, refers to the goods of life, left to the mercy of Antonio. Christian Antonio, Shylock, provided that the donations.////////çeviride türkçe yapabilirsin


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