Complete the gaps with words.

studying / cheerful / music / dream / solo / weddings / record / love / clubs / piano / boys / spend

Music is my first ________. In fact, I'd say it's time-consuming passion as I _______ much longer playing the synthesizer or the guitar than _______ for my classes. I have always dreamed of becoming a good performer, either as a band player or playin _______ . My parents wanted me to study classical ________ , as a very good girl should do , but from my teens on I followed my real _________, which is playing lighter music and improvising.

Fortunately , since I went to the university I've been able to fullfill partt of my dream. I met three ____________ as crazy about music as me and we began playing in the garage of my house. My mum was horrified at the idea of having to put with heavy metal or rock _______ at home, but the music we play sounds much softer than that and to my surprise she soon got used to it.

Next year we're going to try and _________ a single or a C.D. For the time being we feel happy just to perform in _______ and pubs.

Sometimes we are hired for _________ and it's great fun because besides playing for ________ people, we can get involved in the party and eat superbly.



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