1-literary text can be, this poem


Sudan is not cheap saint of water, such as water
Not jaded tastes of hops water

Psychedelic vein of water flowing from the eyes of water
Flower honey comb back ördüren water

The water is depleting water marble is the epitome of patience
Jacob tears water the mountains peer

Ab-i-say life is the one who gives life, water
Khidr and Elijah during the brook of water

Hagar stopped and spilled the count of Zam Zam water
Moses struck the water did not exceed the length of the wand

Every river and creek water beyond the dhikr
Scholars agree joints Abid water

Water rises to the roots of the plant leaf
Water table reaches kinds of colors

Sobbingly your head hits the stone, water networks
Aim is to reach its origin ages bend and water

Hoyratlığı do not like a lot of water is very sensitive delicate
If tomorrow if it fixes the absence of water

Soil and air stays clean and the water
Planet of the water washes off the sins of the

Mevlut lights 22.Mayıs.2007

Mevlut Lights (source www.Sorubak.com)


2-water-related scientific writing

Water-related scientific papers

water, an essential ingredient for life. Approximately 70 percent of the human body, as well as some species of jellyfish consists of 98 percent of the water. However, some plants the ratio was lower, for example, wheat or beans tanesindeki water content is only 10 percent. So important for the life of the water, the substance of three, which are solid, liquid and gaseous found. This water is so vital, vibrant body falls below a certain rate as a result of water loss is much more than just cholera, diarrhea and other diseases, as well as death is concerned.

Distribution in the earth and in particular human organisms, is associated with the presence of water. Where the water supply, if the residential area was chosen as the man that place. Multi-faceted properties of water, its molecular structure is of great importance. Mutual effects of these molecules in the water every day is a new feature and a new surprise every day encounters on the structure. Despite all this, even more unknown to this day, forty of the water feature and that they are known to be explained.

3-Water konul daily writing

Rain waiting for months finally gets the Marmara region. Received a 12-day fall meet water needs of Istanbul
Istanbul earlier in the day at 09.00 from 12.30 yesterday, up to the amount of rain falling on the average of the end of October, leaving behind record.

According to the measurements made by the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration, the city's dams occupancy rate, 11.5 per cent from 11.7 per cent to official data.