Will of the Wind - Rüzgarın Hevesi - William Brandon (ingilizce-türkçe özeti)

Mrs. Hackett found her in her bedroom crying. She stood in doorway and said seriously, “ I came in to borrow some sugar, Sylvia. The door was open so I just walk in. Now what’s on earth ‘s wrong with you?
Sylvia sat up and dried her eyes. Her skirt was wrinkled and her black hair hung in disorder over her forehead. A pin had come out of her imitation lace collar and it had fallen down to catch in the little red buckle at her waist. She said shakily, “Hello, Mrs. Hackett. Nothing.”
Mrs. Hackett drew down the corners of her mouth. “Nothing, indeed. It’s because of Chip wanting leave here and go to Canton. Isn’t it? Of course it is.”
Sylvia pushed her hair aside out of her eyes. “ I won’t do it,” she said angrily. “I won’t.”
“Mm,” Mrs. Hackett said sourly. “A boy’s will is the wind’s will. ’That’s a poem. It’s the truest thing in the world. It doesn’t do any good to fight against it. Remember that and you’ll have it easier’’
“I won’t do it. I won’t move around to one mill after another all my life, and never have anything, no home, and no-nothing! I won’t!”
“Well it’s his job if he wants to give it up.”
“It isn’t! It’s just as much mine as it is his. I don’t believe in that old idea that a woman’s just a-a slave, to follow a man around whatever he happens to want to do!”
“Oh, you don’t,” Mrs. Hackett said. “And just what can you do about it?”
Sylvia bowed her head and dried her cheeks with her handkerchief. “I don’t know,” she said.


The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince), French writer and aviatorAntoine de Saint-Exupéry, the story was published in 1943 and written by. Is written in a hotel room in New York, the book includesdrawings Exupery.
Little Prince, The world of grown-ups told through the eyes of a child.Little prince encounters in the book, starting with the pilot fallingSahara Desert in the mouth of Little Prince Saint-Exupéry, errors andstupidities of people, when they are older children forget a simpleview of the highlights.