She goes to doctor every week for the health.

He does his homework everyday for his school succes.

He always says rubbish things  in the middle of our important lessons.

My little cat is so clumsy so it breaks everything in the home.

When somebody says something slang ,she blushes because she is so kind.

Does he came with you  for the parties?

Does she usually cry?



1- he meets your friends.

2- she goes to the cinema three times a month.

3- he brushes his teeths twice a day.

4- he doesn't smoke.

5- it loves to play ball.

6- my mother makes good food.

7- sally's father uses glasses.

8- does your sister often take a shower?

9- how often does he do your homework?

10- does louis get up early?

11- she doesn't go to the doctor.

12- does your friends speak too much.

13- does taylor and tom read the book every day.

14- doesn't your friends' father beautiful singing?