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Like The Adventure of the Empty House, this book also used words and languauge that I'm not used to. I liked this one because it was about a snake. I enjoy reading about animals and this was an unexpected twist to the story. I never would have guessed what the "speckled band" was. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy mysteries. Megan might enjoy this because she seems to like myserties and animals also. 
Holmes and Watson were awoken to a lady coming frantically to their home. She was very frightened so they learned why. Her sister had died and told her to watch out for the "speckled band". She didn't understand why she was being warned of this because she couldn't figure out what that was. Her stepfather was a suspect because of if either of the two sisters married he wouldn't get as much money as if neither of them married. He was the one plotting the murder, but Holmes was the only one who could see how. 
I don't want to give away the rest, but I enjoyed finding out how the murder had taken place. I enjoyed this story more than the other because at this time i understand Sherlock Holmes better. I have background information on him. Also,he had not disappeared in this story so it made more sense to me. 

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