cümleleri tamamlarmısınız? (ingilizce)

________________ after I do my homework.

________________ before I watch TV.

My father kisses me before _____________.

Before I go to bed,______________.

My mother gives me biscuits and fruit juice after __________________.

You must look left and right in the street before_______________.

We should mix the eggs and the sugar very well before________________.

________________ after we organize our holiday.




I will sleep ...
I ate fruit...
I asleep.
I brush my teeth .
I do my homework. 

Across the street
Make a cake 

We left house 

1 5 1

I play pc games

ı eat dinner with my family

I go to bed

I brush my teeth


crossing the road

making a cake( or before we make a cake).

we talk about our holiday plans.


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