Put the -self pronouns into these sentences :

She hurt when she fell down the stairs,(her self )

I decided to do the work (myself)

He cut while he was shaving(himself)

The queen will be at the concert(herself)

If you can't do yhe work,you must find some one who can ( yourself)

We like the house,but we don't like the town in which it is built(itself)

I often ask why I don't go back to my own country(myself)

I haven't read the book,but my friend says it is very good (myself)

One can lose quite easily in this large town(oneself)

She shut in her room all day ( herself)

Lütfen Doğru Cevaplar Veriniz ...




She hurt herself......

''myself'' en sonda

''herself'' en sonda

If you can't do the work yourself........

''itself'' galiba sonda

I often ask myself.........

I haven't read the book myself....

One can lose oneself.......

She shout herself...........