Theatre, cinema, concerts, circus, you can join the artistic activities with your child.The bond between you and the more activity you make together will reinforce forget. -Semester break, may be an opportunity to begin your child's sport. Your child's age and physical development, according to the choice in the consultation of a specialist, if necessary by taking into consideration also. Winter sports, indoor spaces can sport branches. -To participate in the work of the special group to develop the creativity of children. -Wandering Along a reading books that you later bookstores and read together.Supports the habit of reading books that children enjoy. -A day in the House organize together with an age appropriate movie watch patlatıp, Egypt. If your child's homework is given a flexible rather than a busy schedule it on a regular basis to support the program. When you decide for your child with homework programme more effective. There is a need to raise awareness of playing at home with the game-on your own or with friends, take a proper mental and physical development of the game that you can play nice when you can spend. -You can invite friends and socialization for the Home environment. -You have a few days of Vacation leave if domestic trips you can have visits to aunt grandmother. -Holiday will be more free time to spend in the face of the computer and the television, too. Being the face of the computer and television for a long time as their parents tell them an appropriate language to our task. Our children are semester vacation no matter how effective, enjoyable, alienates women across their computer and television we would have so much control their time. Under the light of them I wish a pleasant vacation with your children. Each one of you will do the best for their family vacation plan, no doubt.