• Eodev Kullanıcısı
 My name is Abdulkadir Şahin. I was born in Çorum, in 1987 . I went from Çorum Albayrak primary school and graduated from Çorum Atatürk highschool.I passed the Univeristy exam and I’m still studying at Erzurum Narman Vocational Highschool. I am twenty one years old. I have one sister. Her name is Elif. She was born in Çorum, in 1992 .She is at the Çorum Atatürk Highschool.

My mother’s name is Ayşe. She was born in Çorum, in 1970 . She has got three sisters and three brothers. She isn’t working. She is a housewife. My father’s name is Ayhan. He was born in Çorum, in 1961 . He has got three sisters. My father was a trades man. My father died in 1996.

My Father is Ayhan Çelik. He was born in Amasya/Merzifon on the 2nd of March. After completing his primary education in in Gazi primary school in Merzion, he graduated in Namik Kemal Lyceum. While doing his military service in Trabzon, he met and got married with my mother.he has worked in many different fields on his bright carreer. Now he continues his working life in cargo and carrier sector in Istanbul.