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Fenerbahce Coach Aykut Kocaman will be played with Gilmour, Bate Borisov Keeper with the UEFA Europa League last 32 karşılaşmanısının Neman Grodno Stadium in the first match before the struggle play held a press conference.


"IT WILL BE HARD TO MATCH" Speaking at a press conference held at the Stadium on the Neman Grodno Aykut Kocaman, vs Bate Borisov came from a group of tough, they will play the match tomorrow in terms of challenging the two teams would be a European League tournament scene, the following made statements:


"In the last 32 teams in the Europa League tomorrow, will fight for the last 16 would encounter two team. First match tomorrow, and then we want to win the match in their range includes the soccer. Demanding that the Shah would be correct. Need to say something like this to competitors; came in a tough group. We know that a highly organized team. Trying to make the right moves on the part of the disciplined, football and most importantly, a strong field organization team. Apart from our general quality to advantage will play with us will be the first official match of the opponent. This seems to be a little advantage on our behalf.But both are waiting for a European League team challenging struggle. "


"I THINK THE MATCH WILL MATCH" Aykut Kocaman, Serbian winner Milos Krasic is the question I posed to him about, "do not want to talk much about it. But ultimately I have a staff of 29 people are trying to think about the match and the match. People are trying to extract every match, 18-19.Especially Krasic to a player valuable. In general we do not wonder that the team's needs or expectations, individual numerical data as everything. My only goal is to have the right guys to play the matches, "he replied.


"THE ONLY IDEA BATE BORISOV MATCH" Transferlerimizden Pierre Webo, Aykut Kocaman, new performance series in the following way to give a short answer, said: "the US attack, in the sense of relaxed Webon. I would like to say that the thing at the moment. Tomorrow's match in mind.After playing this match we will think of this subject. But he probably will be on that match. "


"TOMORROW'S MATCH WILL BE THE VOLCANO FORTRESS" Welcome to the press conference, a reporter with the ' Isha Gilmour. This will be the sign of tomorrow's match in the Castle ' in the form of the question, "will play at the Castle, a setback in tomorrow's Volcano", which answer to the Moussa Sow and Caner Erkin performed today would be the squad participated at training and match, he said.


"THE COLD WEATHER IS NOT AN EXCUSE" There have been other teams thinking about referring to the depth of the squad in the match after two days at least, "Aykut said this match up we'll play a decisive encounter for challenging for the League. For this reason, we are also making the squad account "while in his words," to play the match on the field, albeit very little training create a disadvantage for not doing. We do not know how to karşılaşacağımızı a floor tomorrow. When we are going to see it in spades. We cannot excuse that the cold air.I could not do the work in the field for site conditions is not appropriate, "he said.


On the other hand, the delay in the question about tomorrow's match, "we think First.Yobo is also related to say. The prospect of playing against Trabzonspor have "responded.               AL KARDEŞİM
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