Look at my family photo ! My ___ is head of the family. His name is Rpbert.He is slim and tall. He is seventy one years old.His ___ 's name is Emily.She has got short blonde hair.She is my lovely _____.My grandparent's son is my ___.His name is Chris.He is an octor .He is handsome.He is well built and tall but my __ is short and slim.Her name is Anna.She is a doctor.My mother has a got ____.he is my ____ jack.he has got a ___.her name is sue.she is my __ she has got long blonde hair and freckles.jacks __ is tall and slim.her name is tessa.daniel is my ___. he has got short brown curly hair and glasses.I'm tall and slim but he is owerweight.my name is alf.we're teh lucky grandsons in the family.we have got a parrot.her name is spoky.she is one of the ferguson family members. boşuklara yazılcaklar : mother son father grandparents husband grandmother wifex2 cousin ucle daughter grandmother acil yerleştirip türkçeye çeviren varsa yorum atsıın lütfen acil lazım lise 1 özgün yaynınları ingilizce ders sayfa 13.




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