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Yılmaztürk Gokcen, 2004, published in December Roman'la which has made a name rather our editorial team also received great pleasure from reading the book as a writer. Roman began his career as a free publication, the first röportajımızı have very desirable to him. We say we want him to get the idea about writing a new book and edited humbly agreed and set aside time for us these days. Would like to thank him for that.

Could you please tell us a little bit of yourself?

I spoke as a novelist, is very necessary to mention that I do not see myself actually. Author's job is to write, writing, then I think we should draw from the text and the reader. If this happens with all three, so the author of the text, the reader, the opinion may be more free. The principle of separation of powers is a kind of ...

Well, when I no longer write on this journey diyebildiniz? Or you 'authors' Do describes itself as?

Now, yes! In fact, long before the release of my book myself as a writer, as a novelist was seeing. To do this, the publication of my book did not have to necessarily. Nevertheless, we can say out loud, December publication of Roman influence was great. Feeling yourself as a writer, is the author of say, I think there is need for such a process.

How soon do you write your books? In other words, how long it takes the emergence of a novel?

It is impossible to give a definitive answer. Each novel has its own time. I believe that is not the author of the novel it determines.

How do you begin to write?

Maybe a strange way, but after I finish before you start writing. So, in a preparation process before they have either implicitly or explicitly. I take notes during this process. Notes to accumulate, departments begin to take shape, I believe the completion of fiction I think I'm ready now.

Is the ability to write business? Be learned?

Look for the name of a profession "author", write the verb at the time of shooting wide. Very little of this is specific to the profession. Of course, like the ability of each profession. Nevertheless, talent alone is not enough. This also applies to other things. Without the ability to experience the power is unchecked. How to compute a direction to follow. Experience the saying, I'm not talking about being published dozens of books. As a result, my first novel, December Roma. Read, look at, to live, they need to think on. At the end of a letter, of course. I said at the beginning, the author writes.

Is it difficult to publish a book in Turkey? Yayımlatmak a book which processes need to pass?

Yes, the first book of an author is not easy yayınlatması. I think this is not a situation unique to the country. I do not think it is very easy in the world. But now there is also that, if you typed something good in front of someone who is at the end of the value it deserves. The real work begins after that, actually.

How so?
Need to reach readers of the book. Depending on the nature of the work at the publishing house until this. If you complete your part of the publishing house, book, well distributed, sent to critics, are advertised. Otherwise you how well you type them, the reader ulaşamadıktan then you know that you are the only one. And perhaps the closest surroundings. Fortunately, I was lucky in this regard.

Publisher important then. So how do we decide this? So which publishers should go to ...

Many publishers appear to set the style of today. Keep yayımlayanından just science fiction, thought would win everything there is a wide range of up to yayımlayana. If you know what you typed, you thought of it, a little bit of experience, intuition will guide everyone, I guess.

Publishers pay attention to what?

The answer is difficult. Reputation can be a lot of things up to make money, the answer is winning.

Turkey is a writer saves you money?

Difficult to make a living by writing. But think about it is to write.

What do you think about the underground literature? Can you define your own novel in the underground? Consisting of only fanzines, underground literature in Turkey?

It is a form of literary discourse not think I'm some kind. So, in a love poem, a science fiction or even a review of the text, even if the ground were placed in an appropriate discourse, seems to me to be considered in the underground literature. Yes, I say that it contains elements of the underground was novel. In some places there is no point did not you know they're right. However, I do not want to decide how I should be classified. Because it is not my job. If we ask the question for the last part of your question, tell me seems to me that it is easier to answer. Do you have a mass of underground Turkey? Have their own jargon to create this mass of literature, if any? Or translation ground that an emulation works of literature? Sociologists work in the literature to answer them.

Finally, what suggestions for those who want to be a writer?

I do not remember where I read. Gide'e a young Andre come, "Should I be a writer?" He asks. "Do not be Olmayabiliyorsanız." He Gide answers. I think it's a clever response. Because writing great writers who are not other choice. Otherwise it is not possible for them. May seem ambitious. However, there can be no reason to read it you will not have ambitious. For this to become a full awareness of the state of our business and find out. I think this is the way to kill the author goes. The author should know his limitations and work-release. However, because it can survive a work released.

Thanks Gokcen Yılmaztürk
Thank you.