Internet around the world that connects computer networks and organizational computer systems, electronic communication network. [1] TDK, Internet global network proposed in response to the word. [2] It is also used instead of the word only net from time to time. [3]

Internet access, multi-protocol is a network of interconnected computer networks can also be defined as the whole. Thousands of free academic and commercial network and computer network linking the state was formed. Information is transferred in packets according to various protocols between computers. Of interconnected pages on the Internet, such as e-mail, and there are a wide variety of information and services. Games can also be played over the Internet.

The origin of the Internet, fault-tolerant, robust, and seeking to establish a special computer network, based on research in 1960 by the government of the United States. In the 1980s a new U.S. backbone by the National Science Foundation collected for the financing of private funds, contributions, and many around the world has led to the unification of the private network. In the 1990s an international network with the spread of the Internet, took place on the basis of modern human life.


Began to be used in 1985 [1] English Internet word "interconnected networks, which means" stands for Networks interconnected. [Citation needed] of the Inter-prefix in English, meaning, and mutual. If the word refers to the net mesh. [4]

From time to time the word used instead of Internet "WWW" is the abbreviation of the World Wide Web (World Wide Web) and the Internet is not synonymous with the words akronimidir.

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Computer systems that communicate with the network over the Internet thanks to Semi-Automatic Ground Environment military communication system (SAGE) and the commercial airline reservation system Semi-Automatic Business Research Environment (SABRE) began in the early 1950s. If in 1960 the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States savunda system Network (ARPANET) started to finance the design. In 1969, the Internet has reached the summit of that period thanks to projects created in the 1960s. After this date, the ARPANET was entered into our lives as modern internet as we know it. American universities the opportunity to benefit from this project in the early 70s after the administration of e-mail (SMTP), and NNTP has gained widespread applications. They followed FTP and HTTP.
Personal use

Usually a telephone line to connect to the Internet through personal computers is needed. In addition, satellite, cable and Wi-Fi so-called radio broadcasts can be connected to the Internet. The most common one is to a certain speed of an analog modem and an Internet service to make use of a company that offers the service. The modem settings are set according to the company's phone number and the service, the Connect command is issued. Analog modem, computer, digital data (bits) Turn the phone line, internet service, delivering a variety of audio frequencies and data in the same way as is the contrary.

This site has an address number that appears in each, consisting of 4 slots and each slot value to an address between 0 and 255. Thus, sorting consumed consists of an address. However, the user will invoke this simple number value for each of the web page addresses for the site to be able to keep in mind the DNS computers which are equivalent. Their task is equivalent to the IP address of the name of each site is ready to be displayed, and to keep the information transport protocol packets (TCP / IP) to guide them to this address. Thus, the information on the site can be accessed with minimum effort called Internet gezgincisinin.

Today, more rapid and less incorrectly replaced analog modems digital (ADSL) modems are. Their usage fees may be paid a reasonable level goes down due to increased participation in the plural. An analog modem, ADSL 10x - 1500x times with a speed and the opportunity to live next to a video chat feature film gives the opportunity to download a short period of time.

WWW. next to the world of virtual chat rooms, file allowance, eCommerce (e-commerce), discussion spaces (forum), chat over the Internet directly to the message (IM) application areas, such as, hundreds of millions of people all over the world are using today

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Internet is the most widely used thing in the world . You can use internet for everything . You can buy someting from a web site or you can surf a web site to another web site . You can be more social person with socail web sites especially facebook, twitter and google. You can chat other people and you can do your home works as well. Shortly you can find everything with internet . You can find good things and bad things as well. 


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