Which stretched down there is a small play area shot the ball over the net against the racket disposal site according to some sports that are played dalıdır.Tenisin the origin of the ancient Roman era, played with bare or gloved hand "tringon called" the game is based. Another view of the game for the first time a similar played by the natives of Mexico Toltec suggested. Egypt and in Spain frescos and paintings from the Renaissance period İtalya'sından, "giocco del Pallone" and "juego de pelota" under the names, similar principles are based on the games played in a walled areas.

Turkey Tennis Federation


Two teams of six people, and to pass the ball over the net three pie reduce the opposing team's field-based sport.
Volleyball was invented in America in 1885. William Morgan in Holyoke YMCA basketball ball inside the tires and Okulun'da teacher oynanabileceğini such a game, I thought, and among the students of the first application. 1. The Far East and Europe during World War II yayıldı.1964 Tokyo Olympics volleyball volleyball are taken from the Olympic program until the 80s, the Soviets established a great superiority.

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