Workbook kitabı cevapları

Sayfa 15
1. he can not leave the campsite without permission
2. he can go fishing
3. he can not make a campfire
4. he can not get up late
5. he can not go to bed late
6. he can play different games
7. he can not sleep without a blanket
8. he can play the guitar and sing songs
9.he can swim in the river
10. he can go for a walk
11. he can breathe fresh air
12. he can climb the hills
13. he can learn to share
14. he can not watch TV


Sayfa 16
1.angela is a british businesswoman.she can speak german butShe can’t speak japanese.
2. Nancy isn’t a good secretary.She can’t type fast orShe can’t use a computer.
3. I am a musician. I can’t sing and dance butI can play the piano.
4. Gizem is a good swimmer.She can swim orShe can wind-surf
5. Dogs clever animals. They can guard our houses or they can be our friends.
6. Cem is a good climber and a good athlete. He can climb mountains orhe can run fast.
7. Mary is a three-month-old baby. She can’t speak or She can’t walk

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15.sayfa 1.etkinlik biology:11 history:1 literature:4 chemistry:6 maths :9  geography:5 art:8  physical :2 physics:10 en alttaki örnekte ilki 3 ikincisi 7   

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