Ireland or Republic of Ireland

A:Hi, I'm A.Waht is your bame?

William:Hi, my name is William.

A:William? What nationality are you?

William:I'm Irısh.I'm from Ireland.

A:Wooow, I love Ireland.Are you inform abouth your country?

William:Of course!Ireland is an island to the north-west of continental Europe.Dublin is the capital city of Ireland.A temperate climate in Ireland.There are three World Heritage Sites on the island: the Brú na Boinne, Skellig Michael and the Giant's Causeway.[101] A number of other places are on the tentative list, for example the Burren, the Ceide Fields and Mount Stewart.

Republic of Ireland, a sovereign, independent and democratic state.

he three-leaf clover (shamrock), harp and black beer (stout), Guinness, Ireland's symbols.

You should go to ireland.Ireland is best places in the word.



Population: The population of the country, according to 1996 census, approximately 3.62 million, respectively. Ireland falls 56 people per square km. Country, 19th century emigration from the beginning of an important event faces. The famine at the beginning of the last century speeded up the process of this migration. Today, more than half of Ireland where there was migration to the west of the United States and Great Britain. More than England has had its share of these migrations is still ongoing. Limerick, Cork and one quarter of the population is quite small density of population centers that host cities outside of Dublin Ireland. Şehirleşmişlik rate is 57.5%. Men and 73 women, mean age at death is 78.
Ethnic Breakdown: 99% of Irish
Religious Demography: Roman Catholic 93%, Anglican 3%, Other 4%
Spoken Languages: only 5% of the population in everyday life in Ireland is the official language of the Welsh 't use it as a first language, English uses 95% of the daily life constantly. In the total population 10% said that a ratio used by each of the two languages. Ireland the Irish language spoken english, toning and highlighting features are a striking accent feature.

Climate: Ireland has a temperate maritime climate. In July, temperatures obtained range from 14 degrees north to 16 degrees south. Through winters and relatively warm temperatures in January range from 4 to 7 degrees. The moist winds from the Atlantic Ocean in the country, the country may cause a precipitation throughout the year. Eighty percent of the country's approximately 762 with an average annual precipitation of 1270 mm.
Security: Although in recent years the increasing crime rates and political wrangling in Dublin and Belfast in Ireland although there is a country that is highly reliable. Ireland ', or whatever the purpose of going to a number of anti-crime measures would be appropriate to take yourself. They are as follows.
Stay away from dark streets and avenues in the evening, and do know where you're going.
Avoid the Conservative movement, and flashy clothes. Women's easily one can visit during the day but in the evening ride in groups should be considered.
Move your money and shop in the majority of the cash back in your bag, use a credit card or travelers checks. Cash and travelers checks a large portion of your money, jewelry, valuables, such as video camera, keep them in a safe place.
Take a photocopy of your passport instead of the original. Motorcycle