Boss: Hi Mr.Woodly.. 
Mr: Hi Sir.. I really really nice to meet you.. Hope you're okey..
Boss: I'm fine Woodly thanks a lot.. Sit where ever you want please.. Take here like your home..
Mr: Oh thanks sir.. 
Boss: Well, Mr.Woodly.. First of all.. I want to know your target..
Mr: Target? Why it's important for you? 
Boss: I'll ask the questions here! Now.. Again.. What is your target?
Mr: Well.. Actually.. I've never think about it.. But... Methinks my target is.. be a very good father..
Boss: A father? 
Mr: Yes sir :) A father.. This is what important is :) To be a good father.. If you are a really good father, it means you've succeeded a most important thing in the world :)
Boss: wow.. a different one.. okey Woodly :) I'm gonna think about it :) So.. How many languages can you speak? 
Mr: Four sir :)
Boss: So which ones? :)
Mr: English, French, Italian and Latin :)
Boss: That's incredible :) Okey woodly.. We gonna turn you in 2 days :) 
Mr: Okey sir :)
---------------------------- 1 day later --------------------
Mr: Alo?
Boss: Hi woodly hope you're okey :)
Mr: Hi sir I'm really fine thanks :) Nice to hear from you :)
Boss: Oh Woodly... I thought about what you said.. And in my opinion.. You are a personnel which I looking for :) Come here tomorrow.. And star your new job :)
Mr: Oh my god... thanks a lot sir.. I'll be there tomorrow :)
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