Alexsandro de Souza kısaca Alex (d. 14 Eylül 1977, Curitiba), Oyun Kurucupozisyonunda forma giyen Brezilyalı futbolcu.

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Childhood in the city of Colombo for the young players thrown into professional football career from high school last class we had to leave early. Futbol'a Coritiba FC Team started in 1995. Palmeiras in 1997 after playing for 2 years has passed. Until 2001 Brazil National Takımınada Palmeiras'ta oyanayan the performance started to play football here. Also in 1997, he met with Daiane were married on March 9, 2000. Parma 2001-2002 season F.C. has been transferred to the team. 5, however, the game got out and Flamengo has been transferred to the second half of the league. Team Cruzeiro has been transferred to the other seasons. April 25 2004, Mario Eduardo Daiane children who were born with. Has been transferred to Fenerbahçe in 2004.

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