Initial Period (1919-1951)
Volleyball in Turkey after the First World War came the days of the Armistice. YMCA's director of Istanbul between 1919-1925, Dr. Deaver's Americans, the association started playing volleyball in the gym, physical education teachers' attention as soon as it was able to attract a new sports game.

In 1919, volleyball was more spread throughout Europe. Bulunalı ball, the ball was twenty-four years, and especially over smaçla başlanışının played in only six years, had more.

Calaloğlu'ndaki physical education teacher in the School of Male Teachers in the famous sports man TARCAN Selim Sirri, YMCA's obvious play volleyball, develop physical skills, began to teach students to adopt clean as a sports game. Between the years of 1920-1924 in Male Teachers' College physical education teachers from the schools as soon as the sport spread. Kabatas, Fidelity, Pertevniyal, Galatasaray, Istiklal, Haydarpasa, Istanbul high schools focused studies led to the first interscholastic tournaments. When they begin to graduate school kids playing volleyball, studies, universities, clubs, expanded into. This day is known as a basketball slot Istanbul Technical University, School of Engineering at that time under the name, cradle of volleyball between the years of 1924-1944. Ankara, Faculty of Political Sciences, School of Civil Service in the name of that time, leading to a high school in volleyball.

Number of switching volleyball league matches between clubs rather elevated. Construction begun in various cities championships in 1949, followed by Turkey Volleyball Championship.

Yet the number of teams was not much. In 1951, the following example is London Volleyball League was played between seven teams: the Golden Horde, Beyoğluspor, Galatasaray, Fidelity Kadıköyspor, Independence, Fashion. Loyalty to deal with these teams and players were Kadıköyspor.

Thirty-two-year initial phase of this very primitive Turkish volleyball remains completely closed to the outside appearence. Sports Games Federation, a federation was founded under the name of basketball, handball, volleyball, trying to manage with, could not be sufficiently effective.

However, longing for Outsourcing of sportsmen large. So that, from Greece to Turkey in 1946, which includes a basketball team learned that voleybolcularında, the situation is immediately forwarded to ATAKOL'a Sports Games Agent Turgut, he played through the Athens-Istanbul hashes match the name provided. Volleyball anabileceğimiz this match as the first foreign encounter, according to the rules at that time played best of three sets, 2-0, ended the rule of Istanbul Karması'nın. This Crem in the famous players of the day were as follows: Guneri ARTUNKAL, ASENA Dincer, Mehmet jeba Berko, Ayhan Demir, stand DOBRA, Gideon GULER, Aleksandre HOLYAFKİM, Valentin HOLYAFKİM, Ugur Kalafatoglu, Erdogan KUTKAN, Sacit SELDÜZ, ceresin Mars.

This is an international encounter, though, but our refs (ie, the current rules have) even in the first basketball player who played against athletes, literally a "friendly" game of. In 1952, the appearance of the whole Turkish volleyball değiştiriverdi another international encounter.

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