My name's Cameron and I'm 25 years old. I am an intern doctor and I work in a big hospital in the city centre.Chase is my brother and he's a high school student.I have a busy work life and very long working hours.I get up very early in the morning but Chase gets up later. He has breakfast at home with mom and dad. I don't have time for breakfast at home so I just drink a cup of coffee at the hospital.Chase goes to school by school bus I take the underground to work because it's faster. I work six days a week and I'am on duty for three nights. Chase doesn't go to school at weekends. His classes finish in the afternoon,so he has a lot of free time for fun . He meets his friends after school and he plays computer games or watches TV with them. My off day changes every week,so I have limited time to spend with the whole family.Chase doesn't get up early at weekends. He sleeps till 11:0. Then, he has a big breakfast and goes out with friends in the afternoon. On my day off, I just stay at home and rest. I lie on the sofa and Watch comedy films on TV.

bu parçaya göre alttaki soruların cevabı;

1=Where does Cameron work?

2=What does Cameron do?

3=What does chase do?

4=who is Chase?

5=Does Cameron have a busy life?

6=Does chase have a busy life?

7=How does Cameron go to work?

8=How Does chase go to school?

9=Who has got more free time?

10=What does cameron do in her free time?

yarın saat 12 ye kadar lazım arkadaşlar şimdiden teşekkürler



1. he works in a big hospital in the city centre 
2. cameron helps people. 
3.  chase goes to school.
4. chase is cameron' s brother
5. yes he has a busy life
6 . no he hasnt  
7. he goes to work by underground.
8.. chase goes to school by school bus .
9. chase has got more free time. 
10. he meets with his friends he plays computer games  BAŞARILAR :)))