Museums and Historical Ruins
Nevsehir Museum
Hacibektas Museum
Museum Urgup
Haci Bektas Archeology and Ethnography Museum: Hacibektas archaeological and ethnographic artifacts in the museum district, two-piece tank, laboratory and a library.
Finds from excavations in Sulu-Karahöyük Old Bronze, Assyrian Trading Colonies, Hittite, Phrygian, Roman, Eastern Roman periods as well as various ethnographic works are exhibited in the works.
Goreme Open Air Museum: 13 km from Nevsehir. 2 km away and the town of Goreme. settlement to the east of a rock. A.D. 4. 13th century century there has been an intensive monastic life. Just about every rock in the block churches, chapels, dining and living spaces are available. Today's education system was started Goreme Open Air Museum is considered to be the monastery. Onions, Ihlara, Açıksaray the same places where the education system is seen later.
Churches, 2 types of painted technique. The first is a painting made by directly smoothing the surface of the rock and the second one, the rock on the secco (tempera) and a painting in fresco technique. Topics covered in the church, the Bible and the Prophet. Jesus' life was taken.
Goreme Open Air Museum, Girls and Boys Monastery, Saint Basil's Church, Apple Church, St. Barbara Church, Serpentine Church, Dark Church, the Church and the crackle is Tokalı Church.



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