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He said blessed Khidr alaihis and her aunt was the son of the commander of troops. Traveled to meet with Moses PBUH. Muhammad is the Ummah. Looking as after the death of the soul in human form, but oddly enough, is helping homeless people. And together they make the trip to meet with Moses PBUH Surat al-Kahf 60-82 Qur'an al-karim. verses reported. (Razi, Ibn Hajar, al-Suyuti, Imam-i Rabbani)

Ebü'd-Derdak Radiyallahu Anh Mecca-i mükerremede a day out on the mountain. There appears to be one of the righteous attitude of state and saw it. I approached her "Go lecture me," he said. He, "the counsel of death is sufficient for you," he said. Ebü'd-Derdak, "more advice meat" when we say, it's, "Gam, in terms of care is enough to think of the tomb," he said. On top of that Ebü'd-Derdak, came to the presence of the Messenger of Allah Peace be upon him in this state of Lord called me. Prophet: "O dhat, my brother Khidr," said. (Mawlana Abdurrahman Mosque)

Most of the scholars reported that Khidr 'alaihis died. If you are alive, our Prophet means, makes the Friday prayer, chat, and there were cihâdlarında. (Muhammad Ma'sûm-i Faruki)

Abdülhalik Goncdüvânî hazretleri, la ilaha illallah, chanting blessed Khidr taught. (Hüseyn preacher-i-explorer)

One day I gathered in the morning. Elijah PBUH came with the blessed Khidr spiritual ways. Spiritually blessed Khidr said: "We âlemindeniz souls. Allahu ta'ala has given to our souls in such a force that we take human form. Makes people do the things our souls. Humans walk on as it does, we stop, we pray." (Imam-i Rabbani)

All he saw Khidr, you know, every night mag done. (Judge Sulayman Ata) BÜYÜK  İHTİMALLE BÖYLEDİR ABLAMLA YAPTIM ABLAM İNGİLİZCE ÖĞRETMENİ :d

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z. Probable that lived during Moses and the prophets, a figure of wisdom and knowledge.

The Holy Qur'an, Khidr (pbuh) 's name is not mentioned explicitly. However, Surah al-Kahf, 60-82. verses of the Prophet. Fable of Moses "a mercy from Us to him and give him a servant of Ours whom knowledge ..." (18/65) referred to as the party Khidr (pbuh) understood that. Because the sahih hadiths, our Prophet himself clearly stated that this person Khidr (see Bukhari, ilm 16, 44, Tafsir al-Qur'an, Tefsîru Sûrati'l-Kahf 2-4; Muslim, Fedâil 170-174).

According to these accounts, one day Hz. When the sons of Israel, preaching of Moses to him than he was asked whether or not anyone's wisdom and knowledge. Hz. Moses: "No, no!" When the Prophet Allah Almighty says, is a revelation. Moses Mecme'u'l-Bahrain (conjunct in place of the two seas) is a servant of servants of righteousness al-Hadir (Khidr) reported that in itself is a scholar. Thereupon the Prophet. Moses and Khidr in the service of a young lad on a long journey to find out. Two of the ground reaches the junction of the two seas, traveling rations to eat the sides of the hole they lost in a sea of fish and fish boylamıştı forgotten. Hz. Moses departed from there for a while and then remove the fish to eat youngster had lost at any time, dip the fish into the sea. Hz. Khidr Moses symbol of decommissioning, the disappearance of this fish went back there as soon as possible, and there Khidr (pbuh) i have found. Hereinafter Hz. Moses and Khidr, Surah al-Kahf, 66-82. described in verses began to ride.

Hz. Moses' journey rations carried by the disappearance of the fish Mecme'u'l-Bahrain dip in the sea, some narrations and folklore of various Islamic nations, meanwhile Ab-i Hayat Turkish folklore that this water, even from the dead, representing an immortal life drinkers explain the shape of the elixir of olunmuş, where the fish alive and dive in the sea is a matter of life and Almighty God's prophet, His power, in the case of forgotten. Accordingly, as someone who lives in Bahrain Mecme'u'l-Khidr (pbuh) is the isnad of immortality and superhuman powers and authority given to him.

In order to understand the nature of science Khidr Moses, peace be upon him (pbuh) and the Qur'an briefly describes the journey: Khidr (as) reminded his journey, and face events sabredemeyeceğini the prophet Moses was promised to Him patience (al-Kahf, 18/66-70). First, the sea coast, boarded a ship for the trip. Khidr (pbuh) with an ax delince ship captain had to go back for repair. Moses (pbuh) say sabredemeyip said: "the ship scuttled passengers to drown? Indeed, you did a very bad job" (al-Kahf, 18/71). At the end of the journey, at first glance, because the nature of the invisible and behind the scenes information Khidr (pbuh), explains: "He pierce the ship at sea, a few yoksulundu running. Wanted to damage him. Because the ship's journey continues, the future king confiscated the ship each firm ( sea pirates) are "(al-Kahf, 18/79). During the journey, which killed a child playing with other children. Moses (pbuh): "Retaliation, without the innocent, how come you ruin a life? Indeed, you did a very poor job, he said" (al-Kahf, 18/74). Displacement cause of death of young children at an early age that Khidr (pbuh) was announced by the following: "When it comes to boy killed, and his mother and father were believers. Later we were afraid that we wanted them to drag rebellion and denial, Lord of the dead children than it clear to them instead of and let one of the more compassionate "(al-Kahf, 18/80, 81). Here Hak'kın Allah, the parents due to the good people in the future will hurt themselves, will put great difficulties ettirip a child died at an early age, instead of giving a son better than reality for the family "no", that has been pointed out.

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