• Eodev Kullanıcısı

"Bamboo bear"
Which bear the name of the other child's weight nearly 120 pounds of bamboo around. Panda eating bamboo spends a large part of the day. Panda is considered a victim of this oburluğun and selectivity: Very loves to eat the bamboo from China not enter elsewhere, unfortunately, to be extinct. Panda in the world today there are still about 1000 pieces.
Pandas are very lazy animals. Panda bamboo to eat up to 40 kg per day to fill their stomachs. Accordance with the hard shells of bamboo solid and sharp teeth. However, this effort is about 14, or even 15 to 16 is the time. Pandas living in zoos, pandas living in their natural environment far different than beslenebiliyorlar. For example, chocolate, fruit, and even get ice cream or even chicken.
Panda not eat food once a continuous sleep. If Uyumadığında is in no hurry and moves very slowly. Even the enemies away with kovaladığında first saw the tree recovers save the horses and sleep resumes or dinner.