Flag of the Republic of Turkey Turkish flag features, as prescribed, white crescent and star
According to this law, the law determined by the sizes and colors of the Turkish flag Although this behavior is an offense to etmeyinizAksi ignored

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Turkey, dated January 25, 1985 and 85/9034 numbered "Turkish Flag Regulation" decision 4 Article flag size is determined as follows: the flag length, one and a half times the width of the moon and the star is located on the axis to form the centers of the circles drawn Month, is formed by intersecting the inner and outer circles, the outer circle of the moon diameter equal to half the width of Flag, center, away from heading is equal to half the width of the inner edge of the Flag, diameter of the inner circle of the moon, Flag is equal to four-tenth of the width, center, center of the outer circumferential direction of flight Flag width is 00625 times the right, facing the direction of flight to the mouth of the month, Stars, diameter of which is equal to one-quarter of the width of Flag presumed divided into five equal parts, and a circle is formed by skipping a dividing points The law, one of the tips of the star, Flag-axis intersection point of the line drawn which were supposed to pass at either end of the month This is the figure given by law to offset the inner circle with a dot, if you figure in the law is correct, incorrect However, in accordance with the law, the figure given in this figure is unnecessary to draw Flag

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