The Smurfs is a Belgian Illustrator Pierre Culliford created the comics and animation sequence of the common name. 1958′de Pierre Culliford by comics.1982 in television showing the Smurfs. For years, Turkey has also published cartoon series, particularly in the United States, in many countries, despite high rates of views has been removed from the screening.  


SCOTT B Scott, thanks to the white beard and Red clothes with Smurfs handy leader in other şirinlerden can be distinguished easily. In the case of a bad case of anyone in the charming village of consults to Papa smurf. Scott B, spells and potion-making is quite successful.   SCOTT Scott, one of three daughters and the Cutest in the village eskisidir. Scott wears a dress with a skirt, high heels and hair yellow, longer lashes. Şirinlerden events other more delicate.   GARRETT SCOTT Garrett Scott, often despite the wrong things, acts as the most intelligent of the charming village of Şirini himself. Papa Smurf thinks the second user who can manage the village after Cute as well.   CHRIS SEELEY Chris Seeley, Şirinlerle l, reveling in a cute. Always uses the same trick: yellow-red colors gives a box as his gift. Open the box by removing the black box of the cute, it explodes and the face of his sketches were reprinted or smoke according to the severity of the explosion would tarnish the entire body.   STRONG SCOTCH Mighty cute, as the name suggests, the most powerful cute. The arm has a tattoo in the shape of a heart.Remove the weight, sports a cute.   DREAMY CUTE What about the other places always Cute dreamy dreams. Hahn, most known as the astronaut Smurf. I once visited their Swoofları as imaginary planets.    

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şirine has got high-heeled shoes and she wears skirt and dress. she's got

yellow hair and longer lashes. she's precision girl.
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