fortune teller : let me see, young lady. well, you are a lucky girl. anna : yes, ı think so fortune teller : you work in a large building. there are lots of... anna : studenst? fortune teller : oh,yes. there aere lots of students. you are a teacher. anna : yes , you're right. ı'm a teacher forune teller : you are a good teacher . your students like you very much. look! this is your life line. ıt is long and deep. anna : what does it mean ? fortune teller : you'll have a long life . you won't have any serious illnesses . anna : ı hope so . fortune teller : here's your heart line . ı can see a young handsome man . he's a gemini. he 's tall and athletic. anna : what ? fortune teller: he's a lawyer and you'll marry him soon . anna : really? fortune teller : yes . and you'll have a son. anna : bul ı'm married . tis is my husband, altar. he's a doctor and we've got two daughters. SORULARI: 1- ıs anna lucky ? 2- what is her occupation? 3- will she have a short or long life ? 4- ıs she married or single? 5- ıs her husband a lawyer ? 6-has she got a son ?




1) Yes, fortune teller said.

2) She's a teacher.

3) She will have a long life.

4) She is married.

5) No, her husband is a doctor.

6) No, she has got two daughters.

2 4 2