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Effective Habits for Effective Study

Course to prepare yourself for success.
Try to acquire and develop the following habits:
Take responsibility for yourself.
Responsibility, in order to achieve a decision on the priority of time and verebilmendir kaynaların.
Maintain a balance between the values and principles ..
Friends and those around issues that are important to you, do not let them decide for you
Keep your priorities:
Follow its own stated priorities and do not let others distract you goals. / Li>
Think of yourself is always a head.
If you do the best you can and you yourself, friends, and even the teacher can show the class win. If you are not good if you are satisfied with his own performance as proof of performance are self-explanatory.
Understand the attacker first and then try to explain himself.
Your teacher is a dispute, for example, receives a note from expected, or assignment deadline Put now need to give the teacher himself. Now ask yourself the hassle you can tell how the most appropriate.
Search for better solutions.
For example, if you do not know the textbook, try to read it again instead of another source. Consult his teacher or classmates Course.
Be in constant struggle with yourself

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