In August of 1928 Mr. Tuluat master Naşit Şehzadebaşı first child was born apartment in the top floor of the National Theatre, whispered in his ear: 'I get the name of Selim'. Bey Naşit The second thing she wanted most in life was to have children. The first stage, people laugh laughter. Actor wants to be a doctor, his mother and father had a difficult time explaining. School of Veterinary hastily dictated to him, waiting for that animal doctor. Wait for more! Cut school and go to the theater to watch constantly as soon as Naşit'in went to his father's ear. Naşit 'Why the hell are you doing, kid' answers given to the question will be nice to go to Hümayun convinced that his father Muzika-i. Mr. Naşit palace theater attracted attention as soon as possible, the name 'Sultan Hamid Adam had laugh. One day, the master of a representation Funny backstage after the generation of the mullah Abdi Efendi and his beanie Bey has done a delegate to Naşit. In the city the title of funny-I belonged to him. Set out to establish their own kumpanyasını.

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