Man carries his emotions and is gaining value. Given people a sense of love is one of the most beautiful and expressive emotions. Love is only a feeling people off. This feeling, just a human being can live in the most perfect form.

Humans love the looks. Human, joy, and sevilince person.

Human beings love to anything that carries concern to every part of universe. Love the larger, the greater the human. Human beings love makes sense. Değerlerdendir love makes human beings human.

Capacity of a community of people who love intense, life, living touches, the flavor of a human being, a world in which it is performed as a quality of human relations will open its doors.

Love is the duty of every human being to move and live. This is a beautiful Art of the Executive is unable to everyone. Love is really art.

The world's livability, love, human ratio. In fact, with each passing day, the world of sevgisizler joy, the joy, the excitement will be forfeited. More Sevgisizler Rules the world, the world will be end of life. People in the world for him, he can be divided into those who love and those who do not.

But of course you love what you people, why you love, this is love, that's the point at which the primary determinant of what he gives.

This feeling that human beings, has determined the limits of its use. The limits set by the Creator, that is legitimate for her love and love and worship


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