M invited to dinner in the UK would not be right to go away empty-handed. Should take a small gift. Flowers can be chocolate, or may be a bottle of wine. Little doubt about the choice of flowers fall. After all, carnations are believed to bring bad luck. Chrysanthemums are for funerals. Roses are brought to the beloved. Maybe I should prefer artificial flower bouquets. Or you can take a lovely little arrangement. Wine also be a problem where the best wines are sold in the UK if you do not know or do not have any idea about wine brands wine in a terrible disgrace to the landlord can buy. If you are stingy with you if you think that you have a cheap Italian wine. Although everything on and off the guests brought cheap Italian wine, service catering Although it probably will not make the host. If you are staying at home for a few days leaving an Englishman to say thank you to you for the purpose of what they can give her a small gift.

. If you invite your neighbors to your party in your house it would be extremely polite. But, of course, grubunuzdalarsa your age.

. If you are the subject of a formal invitation should note that join the clothing. In general, the outfit stated that the invitation formal invitation should be worn, for example toilet or men should wear a tuxedo for. According to the venue of the wedding dress that you m invited to a wedding there sırıtmayın. Hollywood stars such as simple simply go to a wedding can be a mockery. Funerals would be appropriate to dress in a dark color.