Murat Boz (b. March 7, 1980), the Turkish singer, songwriter and composer. Was born in the district of Zonguldak Eregli, moved to Istanbul after completing primary education here. In 1999, the Department of Bilgi University Jazz won here in 2003 and graduated from the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory started section. At the same years, Tarkan, including many artists made vocal album and concerts.

Artist, published in 2006, the first single "I can not find love, I" came out with. Then Maximum in the first studio album released in early 2007. The same year, Kral TV Video Music Awards, the Golden Butterfly Awards and Istanbul FM Gold Awards for "Best New Male Artist" category awards. In 2008, the first EP study 'Abyss',' u released. SANS is the second studio album released a year later. Album, "No Money", "Miss", "Burn It All", "swinging", "Rocks" and "go around here" kliplendirdi songs, "Two Family Man" clip version of the song was a duet with Darren Hayes. Operation in March 2010, the second single from "Life is Beautiful You" 's released. April 12th 2011, the third studio album of the same name with the song loves older than me released in conjunction with the clip. May 9th album, released in 2011. Then the album, "Kiss of Life", "The Return, though," "I can not stay friends", "Puzzle" and "last name" or kliplendirdi songs. These songs, "The Return, though," and "I can not stay friends" picture was able to ascend the summit of the lists. [1] [2] The Artist, the first remix album, Dance Mix finally released in August 2012.