Upgrade Your Quality of Life, Do-DEPENDENT 
* Article to Accept this easy, is difficult to quit 
* Love Do not fill the space, the Poisoning 
* Non-Life Taste of the Horse 
* Stop smoking Exclusion, Hayata Restart 
* Alcohol Not Solution, is the worry of the Self 
* We are Healthy, Happy, we are hopeful of future 
* Olan Dost Yeþilay Health and reputation will win 
* Do not Give yourself Loss 
* Independent, I would like life 
* I am healthy, I am happy, I am Friendly's Yeþilay 
* Independent Ol, Ol Saygin 
* What you like to Being Dependent 
* Pests of the Most Beautiful Conservation Habits Road: No to not start


Dont drink smoke

anti smoke 

dont use smoke

smoke is very bad