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That was five to ten days, and I mu'tâda inkıyâd
Was whisked out of the house early in the morning.

Our neighborhood of Istanbul, the edge of the mean:
The streets of the swimming bilmiyerek gezilmez!

My name is Al Buhayrah fluctuates at the beginning of a deeper,
Water decision is no longer based on the income.

One must get the oil lamp, obtain a sounder,
For the salvation of the human way, not more!

I've got a big wand, her polling
Select candidates are in front of me, no, of sea, bypassing the

- Who try to stand cooperatively,
Lisa-I niyyet rükûa amma with state of the -

He sâlhûrde, ruins eaves of houses,
Took refuge in the way it is, just feet

Evidence got something big ... I saw them:
Wide lying in a basket, and quite old.

This is a porter küfesiymiş ... Who Aceb? Then;
Come away a child up to the age of thirteen,

Tensed, kick it down a basket:
Bîtâb mold ta Tekermeker fell beyond.

- My father died under you, you're still
Investment institutions like the street ontasında more!

At that moment the old woman onta karşıki a home
- Oh, my son, kırmasakın to come!

What you wanted to Kufa, baby? No mouth, no tongue,
Your father used it for eight years ... Both said: "Very

A Lucky Kufa, am not just load ... '
Your father was gone, literally means an orphan!

Besliyeceksin mama with her brother.
Can you work more you learned the baby? "

I said I:
- Aeolian listen to your mother ...
But the child cried out to me the face of ekşitip:

- Bearded, Does not work? Go on, get the hell out of here!
What dırlanıp duruyonsun onadan in the morning?

For me, yanıyon: My father went up the mountain ...
- What is your father wanted man in place now?

Bugging you look, you say dilince state of ...
- Drop lady, that boy, I'm sorry, I just ...

What's your name, son?
- Hasan.
-Hasan, listen.
Hazardous you're going all the rage.

I also realized that burned içim troubles ...
However, your father is gone you just order.

He worked for so many years by the sweat of his brow you
How has grown? Today, you own brother,

Orphan bırakmıyarak büyütmelisin feed.
- Küfeyle it?
- Aye, aye! Sözlâkin Why is this?

Lamb, work is a shame, sin freight?
Shame on you, anyway: when processing the hands, walking on foot.

- What is the right thing to say! Kiss the hand of your uncle's son ...
- You forgot it? Halloween neighbor's bride:

"Hasan, my uncle zâbittir schools in yacht;
As you open your mind ... I tell you one wish we ...

The School would put ... Stop tell, "he said you know?
Porters at this age you do swipe me now!

The long understood, and so last longer;
There was a lot that day will work to Accept;

I left them, I've chosen a rough road,
What is it now aceb, who knows, poor Hasan?

Our children will not, at home, relax and does not stop;
Conqueror recently set up a little late afternoon.

Kömürcü we entered the door, camels
Her curiosity cited, is always subject to:

It is bumpy body, long neck, then legs,
He tassel on the back of the queue will be!

Or indeed not to see? Then,
When I returned back and looked: Five ten steps behind,

Enlice waist, a shawl, at the beginning Aban,
One onta tall, good-humored luminous Pir-i;

Küfeyle next to a humongous çocucak,
Geliyonlar slowly. But a coincidence:

Boy, that morning, I saw my poor little orphan ...
The thing is, yavrucağın hand before accusative:

Çırçıplak scrawny legs under the knee ...
Titriyon under a thin Minta, freeze!

No shoe standing, especially fez Do you have? What are you traveling?
Node a simple circle on his forehead.

He's not breathing, breaths, intermittent rebel;
He's not evil glances, istimdad dümû-i.

This is a pedestal that yalnayak misery, head on;
Thirteen-year-old wrinkled pocket-i-net, alas!

At that moment, the battalion School-i rüşdiyyeden
A fifty that aggressive children, regularly

Foundation-old man crossing Güzin eylediler ...
This was the scene of encounter Hazim Hassan;

Yes, all of these pups, pure sürûd-i-Shabaab,
Nura is şitâb stood a Asiya-i.

Oynıyacak soon all of them, what is good!
But Hasan from his father that nasty mold,

Wanted to crush the seeing-Ki-reh-güzârında
I will İlel'ebed ıztırârında shower!

It is not a burden, a punishment of fate ma'sûma ...
Alas, what is a sin, that inmates who do not know!

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It was five to ten days ago complying with my habits, I got out of the house early in the morning.

Our neighborhood is also the edge of Istanbul: you can't walk around in the streets unless you know how to swim!

At the beginning of every step a deep sea waves, when water darken, who is coming comes and stands.

There must be a lamp in one hand, a depth sounder in the other, This is for the way of salvation , not another!

Groping with a big stick in my hand, If it is an island in front of me,stepping,if it is a sea,jumping,

Who strives to stand in concur with,intends to bow with the language of heart but

While seeking a shelter under the old house’s entablature ,a big thing

Hung to my foot's guide... Looked at:A pretty large basket lying,also very old

This is a porter's basket...Whose is it?At that time a boy aged around thirteen came and

Stretched, kicked the basket so hard: that rolling and weak it fell away .

My father died under you,

-Lie still proudly in the middle of the street.

At that moment a middle-aged woman appeared from the opposite house:Oh, my son, do not break please!

What did you want from the basket,son?It has no mouth, no tongue,Your father used it for eight years...He also said that:

A very lucky basket, I was never been unloaded ... "It means that it became nearly an orphan when your father went!

You will feed your brother and your mother with it. Are you a baby that you haven't learnt your work yet? "

I said that:Darling listen to your mother's words...But the child cried out to me by making a wry face:

Hey Bearded, Don't you have a job? Go to the hell! Why are you rattling there in the morning?

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