Kelimeler: Shy,helpful,stingy,lazy,kind,generous,friendly,hard working,funny,rude.


1)The clown is very ________.

2)She's very _________.She does her homework.

3)Tom is a ______ boy.He doesn't like talking people. 4

4)My uncle never spends money.He is __________.

5)They love playing in the garden They are _________.

6)My classmate is very ___________.He always fights.

7)You often bring me a present.You're very _____________.

8)Jane is a ___________ student.She doesn't study.

9)I always help my mother.I'm a ________ girl.

10) The mon is very _____________ to her.

*Yukarıda verilen cümleler ile boşlukları doldurunuz. Acil yardım edin lütfen :(




1) The clown is very funny.

2) She's very hard working. She does her homework.

3) Tom is a shy boy. He doesn't like talking people.

4) My uncle never spends money. He is stingy.

5) They love playing in the garden. They are friendly.

6) My classmate is very rude. He always fights.

7) You often bring me a present. You're very generous.

8) Jane is a lazy student. She doesn't study.

9) I always help my mother. I'm a helpful girl.

10) The mon is very kind to her.