I can’t believe I am here in Hawai on holiday! Everything is very different here. Do you remember my uncle? He lives here now and I am staying with him.         He lives in a cottage by the sea of Hawai. Now, I am playing playstation and drinking my milkshake cocktail.

   The weather is very good here. There are beatiful beaches and they are all clean. I spend most of my time on the beach, swimming in the sea, sunbathing, walking around and playing with my dog.

   Hawaiians are really friendly and they love enjoying their time. They are quite good looking. Most of them are tall and slim, they also have got brown eyes and fair hair.

   In Hawai, the food is very excellent. They love eating seafood and drinking cocktail. I love eating lobster and drinking milkshake cocktail.

   Tomorrow I am going to go diving. I am also going to go to the cinema at night.

I am leaving Hawai next Saturday, I will call you then.

   You really should visit Hawai soon. Hawai is an amazing island. See you soon.



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I rested on holiday. I watched the film,I went to the pool at the weekend.I went to the English course and  I learned a lot words and grammar rules...