bu 9 . sınıfa ait bir soru karışık kelimeler var cıvıtan şikayet edilir






an actor _________ in a theatre play. a . shows b.performs c.constructs

a scientist __________ the experiments in a laboratory. a.does b.works c.manages

a gardener works in a garden and _________ the plants. a.supports b.cultivates c.monitors

a school principal is ____________ the management of the school. a.togethor with b.curious about c.responsible for

a nurse _______ patients in a hospital. a.performs b.cares for c.creates

a chef _________ delicious dishes. a.cooks b.bakes c.fries



En İyi Cevap!

Surgeon works in a hospital

A scientist uses laboratory to do his/her experiments...


gerisini buna göre kendin yapabilirsin.


Boşluk doldurma:

1: b

2: c

3: b

4: c

5: b

6: a

1 5 1