-The work of a government adviser is done ---- secret, behind closed doors.

-His confession seemed ---- make his guilt absolutely certain, beyond all reasonable doubt.

-We must keep the formula in as secure a place ----- possible, under lock and key.

- I haven't been to the movies ------ last April.

-The baby-sitter looked after the children while the parents went to the opera.
-He failed his driving test five times but in the ------ he passed.
-If today is Tuesday, Thursday is the day ----- tomorrow .
- I prefer a life in the open air ------ working in an office

- The town was a long distance ------ .

- I couldn't buy the book because the shop didn't have a copy ------ stock.
-The problem needs to be taken seriously. IT is no laughing matter.
- If it had not been for his seat belt, he would have died ----- the accident.
- The ambulance arrived just ------ time to save his life.

Fill in the blanks with a convenient word. :D




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