Öncelikle hangi seviye olduğunu öğrenmemiz gerekiyor ki sana "How are you? ile "How old are you?" sorularını birbirine karıştırma demeyelim ;)

  • Eodev Kullanıcısı

1-learn, never should not leave the; Always be willing to learn and explore unknown subjects should ask continually.
2-second salute the instructor in a flawless manner and seriousness.
3-school evaluation of the success or failure of a student's entire personality, not just a specific period of time or the product is a result of the information learned. One of the main reasons for low levels of success in their school course work in productive ways or that they do not know that they have the wrong habits. Efficient study habits at an early age, and individual achievement is a process affecting the success of all life.

"No doubt you need to ask for success in order to be successful, there is no reason or goal."

DO NOT FORGET WHO WANTS TO BE A GOOD STUDENT want to say that this is hard!

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