Pepe offer you things like, if he did not like the opposite of these things.

Pepe favorite things, play games, or departure from, his brother, baby, grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, balloon ride, zuulu, şuşuu fly, work, and make local daanslar, strains replicate songs and yellows, greens, reproduce, duplicate colors.

Pepe dislikes

Pepe to play doctors and nurses and the jump rope, do not.

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epenin favorite things; play, köpüş, brother, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather Baltazar, balloon ride, zuulu, şuşuu, daanslar, şuşunun, and work to fly regional songs and the yolks to reproduce, replicate, reproduce the colors of Greens

pepe akıllı tatlı haylaz bir cocuktur

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