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Every year we produce millions of tonnes of it What do we do with our rubbish?Very ogten we burn it or bury it.but this isn’t good fort he enviroment.Some of the rubbish produces poisonous gases and other other pollution(air,earth…)Recycling is an ecological solution to this problem.

When we recycle materils or object we use them again We can’t do this with all of our rubbish but in many places there are now bins for recycling paper glass and aluminium.People are learning to use these recycling bins.They’re also learning to think about the enviroment before they throw away their rubbish.

We can change our ideas about houses,too.Bricks and concrete are good materials,but somebody now prefers to make houses with recycled materials.The name for these ecological houses is “earthships”.People maket hem from bottles,aluminium cans,wood and earth.They are modern cheap and very attractive.In the future,remember-don’t bury your rubbish,live with it!

There are also some very original ideas for recycling:some people make shoes from old rubber and plastic and shopping bags from old clothes ; other people make toys and other things from aluminium cans.Old metal ,computer parts and glass can become jewellery or recycled art

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Sürdürdükleri relations with people and other living things and the environment during their lifetime in which the mutual interaction, physical, biological, social, economic, and cultural environment.
So in a nutshell the external influences that affect all living beings is called the environment. Environment has made many important contributions to our future. If you can not keep under control environment, it is a condition for us to regret in the future.
Lifestyle and environment framework connected to each other two important life.

Yapılabileceklerimiz in order to protect our environment

To protect the environment, at least some precautions have to be done individually. A few precautions to ensure our future by showing a little self-sacrifice is as follows:
Consuming re-considered and unnecessary consumption should be avoided.
Environmental impacts of products we consume to be considered when choosing and choices must be made in an informed manner.
Garbage, trash bag are tightly connected to the trash and then should be discarded.
Forests must be protected.
Not damage the trees.
Flames on the grass.
Harm to animals should be avoided.
Kirletilmemelidir Seas.
Domestic animals must be cleaned waste.
Sahiplenmeli our environment, children should be taught the value and importance of the elders explained.
Energy savings should be made.
Depleted batteries must be disposed of battery box.
Garbage left after the fire extinguished, and never place the picnic.
Paper, tin, glass, batteries must be disposed of as recyclable materials recycling bins.
Fazlalaşmamalıdır vehicle exhaust.
Such as water, waste in respect of all matters should be avoided.
Especially the hair spray and deodorants should not be used more than cosmetic products.