Music Club,
Social Centre organizes concerts over the years, the music room, provides scheduled and efficient use, performs a variety of musical activities, public participation


In my openion, music was better in the past. Like 1950's to 1990's. I thing the music which made with computer is not real, not sound good. Maybe it can be nice, but I never heard an amazing song which made with computer. It can't be a guitar or a piano, etc. Of course, there are some brilliant bands or singers in these years, but lots of them are started to do music in past, when the music was good and unique. For exaple Radiohead, It's an English band! Radiohead is an amazing band that -unfortunately- I just heard. My friend Gözde suggested me that -hey, thanks!- . However, Radiohead began to make music in 1986 but they are still popular. Eh, It's not a suprise because they are really good, I mean, really.


One of my favorite bands is The Beatles, of course -They are from England too, I think English people are good at it- ! I love their music so much.

There are many bands that I like so much, but of course I can't count all of them.


Why it's have to be always bands? Let me tell you a singer that I realy like, OF COURSE it's Eric Clapton. He is English.

I also like Iron Maiden. And- what a suprise! Of course they are English, too.