En İyi Cevap!

Protect the environment in the future in your hands

Çevreyi koru gelecek senin elinde

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21 Green doings brings green rewards
22 Green is my favorite color
23 Green Queen
24 Green revolution the best solution to arrest pollution
25 How about you?
26 I am a friend of nature
27 I brake for litter
28 I hear the Eco
29 I heart trees
30 If you don't clean your planet Mother Nature's not gonna be happy
31 It's easy being Green
32 Jal hai to kal hai
33 Join the green side
34 Just say no to hummers
35 Keep our forests green
36 Keep our oceans blue
37 Make conservation a habit
38 Make do and mend
39 Make tea not war
40 Make trees not stumps

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